- Girls with Cameras by Du RM (du R. Maciel)
Hasselblad 500C/M by uruyuta
C.B - Paris - Carl Westergren (by cjawest)
Life is like Photography: We develop from the negatives. 
(by Maren)
Nice Glass by splorp
60’s girl by Iro {Ivy style33}
Neal’s Rolleiflex by Greg Williamson
Nikon FM2 (by paga4flickr)
les sombres perspectives de 2013 by Schizoo from Paris
M 7 by Detlef Brandt
back in your head by ~xMissTake
The Daiichi Zenobia (by *Cinnamon)

self portrait with poison oak treatment. san francisco, california. january 2012. by Megan Kathleen McIsaac (+tumblr) Beyond being really lovely, her photography is just wonderful. She loves humans, you can see it.