- Girls with Cameras by Du RM (du R. Maciel)
C.B - Paris - Carl Westergren (by cjawest)
Neal’s Rolleiflex by Greg Williamson
Nikon FM2 (by paga4flickr)
M 7 by Detlef Brandt
back in your head by ~xMissTake

self portrait with poison oak treatment. san francisco, california. january 2012. by Megan Kathleen McIsaac (+tumblr) Beyond being really lovely, her photography is just wonderful. She loves humans, you can see it.
Fuel up the spaceship and make it over to Pluto to pick me up by For frequent dreamers only
out of focus by ~ajss
Universal Mercury by John G Meadows
boku to kimi (me and my lovely one) by 96for2.
M3 [rescanned] by Istvan Penzes
Photographer by ~W1nDkh